At Manitoba Harvest we love Dietitians! We know how important you are to spreading the word about the power of hemp, so we’ve created a tool kit of materials that you can easily share with your clients. Click the links in the list below to download a print-ready pdf of each material.

Downloadable Resources:

ABC’s of CBD

Hemp Seeds 101

5 Ways to Use Hemp Seeds & Hemp Oil

Research/Plant Protein Fact Sheet

Eat With the SEEDsons

Cooking Demonstration Guide

Plant Powered Grocery Store Road Map

Product Spotlight – Hemp Yeah! Granola

Smart Snacking – Hemp Yeah!

Become a Hemp Ambassador!

We also encourage you to apply to be a Hemp Ambassador! By being a Manitoba Harvest Hemp Ambassador you’ll receive exclusive kits throughout the year filled with samples, information, and special gifts. You’ll also get sneak peeks at our newest products and be the first to try them.

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Share Hemp Hearts with Your Clients!

We’d love to send you some Hemp Hearts samples to share with your clients.

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