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If you’d like to sell our products in your store, request free samples for your event, or review our products on your blog, please fill out one of the forms below. Please note that we require a 30-day lead-time on sample requests for events.

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We receive an extraordinary number of great proposals every day; we generally have a 30 day lead-time on sampling requests. However, we will do our best to fulfill your requests as they are submitted. Because of the large number of requests we receive, we cannot respond to all requests or fulfill the sample requests exactly as requested. If we feel we can fulfill your request, you will hear from us within 30 days. Other important info to note:

  • Product comes in 15g individual sample packs and must stay in original packaging.
  • Hemp Hearts samples come in a 100 x 15g sampling tray. Any submissions with short lead-time will be automatically declined.
  • You may not use or print our logo on any of your promotional items until you receive confirmation from us that we will be fulfilling your request.
  • Partner shall ensure the security of all product samples and/or packaging (collectively, “Samples”) from the time of their receipt from Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods. Partner agrees to indemnify and hold Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods harmless against the loss, theft, or destruction of any samples while the same are in Partner’s custody or control.
  • Partner shall not sell any of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods’ samples.
  • Partner shall handle, prepare, transport and store all Samples under conditions that will maintain product safety, quality and compliance with all regulatory requirements.
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Blog/online influencer requests do not guarantee samples as they are subject to approval by our team. Requests must be from residents of Canada or the United States and only one request per person will be considered. Blogs and social media requests that are deemed by Manitoba Harvest’s brand as inappropriate content or content that does not fit with our brand positioning will not be considered for samples. By participating in our program you agree that Manitoba Harvest has the right to link to and re-publish content that you create or post in relation to our products, coupons and company. If writing a blog post, you agree to disclose the fact that you are receiving something free of charge and that you will not make unsubstantiated statements about perceived benefits of the product. While we encourage you to express your own opinions and reviews, you also agree that any non-opinion factual information you present will be consistent with the information we provide you. If you do provide a give-a-way to your readers, you agree to do so responsibly and lawfully.